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  1. How to Apply/Renew Passport Online

    As Singapore has reopened its borders after the Covid-19 situation, you can now explore and travel overseas with your friends and family. The simplest and efficient way for you to apply or renew your passport is through online!

  2. How To Apply Video Filter on Zoom

    virtual backgrounds in Zoom meetings. A simple tap will change your appearance. Follow the steps to make your add fun elements to your video meetings using custom filter, video filter and beauty filters

  3. How to Scan Documents Using iPhone

    Do you know that you do not need to download apps in your phone to scan documents? Apple has a built-in feature that allows you to scan your documents in the simplest way possible. Here are the quick steps to show you how you can do so

  4. Buy From Sellers You Can Trust Online

    Shopping online is convenient but it is difficult to find trustworthy sellers online. Follow these short simple tips to avoid unreliable sellers and identify the common red flags

  5. How to Create Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

    Discover more on WhatsApp especially features that allows you to save up more space. Disappearing messages feature in WhatsApp will help to clear out unnecessary messages that can save more of your time and space for your phone within 24 hours

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