Buy From Sellers You Can Trust Online

Shopping online is convenient but it is difficult to find trustworthy sellers online. Follow these short simple tips to avoid unreliable sellers and idenitfy the common red flags

Take note: This quick tip will be base on Carousell as an example but it applies in general to other shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 etc.

Let’s start!

1. Open your Carousell app

2. Tap on the item of your choice
3. Tap on the seller’s shop name here

4. Look for these 3 key informations to know if your seller online is trustworthy

1) Overall Ratings and Number of Ratings
2) Length of operation by the seller
3) Reviews and comments by recent buyers

5. First, we will see how good their Overall Ratings and The Number of Ratings. This seller has an overall of 5 stars with 490 ratings

6. Next, we will see the Length of operation by the seller, this seller has joined and manage the business for several years. Shops are usually more trusted when they joined the app longer

7. Tap on Reviews
8. Scroll down to see how many good comments and ratings the seller has received by recent buyers
9. Tap on the ‘Newest’ button at the right to filter the reviews, ensure that the reviews are the most recent from buyers

10. Let’s take a look at other apps, open lazada and tap on the item of your choice

11. Scroll down to see the shop’s operation status. This seller has a high percentage in his business operations
12. Tap on the shop name

13. Tap on the shop name again

14. We can see the seller’s overall positive ratings
15. We can see that the Length of operation by the seller is more than 3 years
16. We can also see the active status of the seller which the seller was active a day ago

17. Scroll down and tap on ‘Product Ratings and Reviews’ to see the overall reviews from different items

Now you can finally shop online without worries!

Video Tutorial

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