Cheaper Deals with ShopeePay In-Store

Do you know that you can enjoy discounts by redeeming vouchers while using ShopeePay in store? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this!

Take Note:

  • Install Shopee App in App Store(iPhone) or Play Store(Android).
  • Login or Sign up if you are a new user.
  • Create and activate your ShopeePay Account.
1. Locate and Tap Shopee App.
2. Tap on “Me”.
3. Tap on Shopee Pay.

4. Tap on “ShopeePay Near Me”.
5. Tap “See More” to view more vouchers from various shops.
6. Tap “Buy Now”.
7. Tap “Buy Now”.
8. Tap “Confirm”.
9. Select “ShopeePay” as your payment option.
10. Tap “Pay Now”.
11. Enter your ShopeePay Pin.
12. We have successfully purchase this in-store
$0.50 OFF ShopeePay Discount Voucher.
13. Tap on “Me”.
14. Tap on “ShopeePay”.
15. Tap “Scan”.
16. Scan the merchant’s ShopeePay QR Code.
17. Enter the amount before discount.
18. Tap “Next”.
19. Tap “Voucher”.
20. Select the voucher that we bought previously.
21. Tap “OK”.
22. Tap “Pay Now”.
23. Enter your ShopeePay Pin.
24. We saved $0.50 when paying in-store using ShopeePay!

Video Tutorial

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