Get Food Discounts Using Grab Self-Pickup

Have you ever ordered self-pickup using Grab app? Self-pickup allows you to order your food before you arrive to the destination. This allows you to skip your queue and collect your food from the restaurant. GrabFood Self Pick-up ensures that your food is ready to go! Follow these following steps to order your GrabFood Self Pick-up

1. Open Grab app

2. On the Grab homepage, tap ‘Food’. This will show you variety of food options

3. Tap on any of the 8 categories. As of now, I will choose the nearby food location

4. At the top section here, tap on ‘Self Pick-up’ category to show only the available food options that allows you to self pick-up your order

5. Swipe up and tap to select the food shop

6. Here you can see the pick up time provided and the available discount offers that you can use on this food shop. Tap on the pick up options. You can see the average time given to pick up your order once you have made payment

7. Tap on the cross button at the top left

8. Tap on ‘Check for available offers’. This will show you various discounts available based on the policy given

9. For now, I will be tapping on ‘15% OFF Self Pick-up order’. Take note that there is a valid date and may use up to 6 redemptions

10. Tap on the cross button at the top left

11. Tap the arrow at the top left to exit the page

12. Swipe up and tap on the food item you want to purchase
13. After selecting your food options, tap ‘Add to Basket’

14. Once done, tap on ‘Basket’ below to check out

15. Here shows the time you can pick up your food from the shop and a reminder message that you chose the self pick-up options

16. Swipe up, tap on ‘Use Offers to get discounts’. This will show you the offer page

17. The coloured discount shows that you are capable of using the discounts based on its policy. Tap the plus sign at the side
18. Tap ‘Apply’ button below. It will redirect you back to the previous page

19. You will see that your original price has been deducted after selecting the offer discount

20. You may tap on ‘Place Order – Self Pick-up’ button once done

21. A pop up message will appear. Tap ‘Confirm’

22. After you have placed your order, you will see the collection time for your order. This will show the processing steps of your food order and estimated time it will be ready for pick up. As of now they are preparing my order

23. Swipe up to see your order number

24. To view your order once again, tap on “View Order Summary”
25. Once you have made payment. You can make your way to the shop
26. You will receive a reminder when your food is almost ready for pick-up so you can start heading to the shop

27. You can skip the queue and head to the counter. Provide your order ID as shown on the app to the cashier or waiter

28. Once you have collected your food, swipe right on the green bar to indicate that you have collected your order

You can now order self pick-up and enjoy good discounts!

Video Tutorial

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