Great Deals From Mcdonalds App

McDonald’s app provides new deals regularly. You can redeem various kinds of deals at the restaurant. We will guide you through the step-by-step process on various deals!

Take note:
– Download McDonald’s app
– Ensure you have sign up as Mcdonald’s member
– You may only redeem one deal per transaction

1. Tap on Mcdonald’s app

2. Log in into the app
3. Tap on ‘Deals’ at the bottom

4. Swipe up and tap to select your deal. All deals are individually labelled with an expiry date and its terms and conditions
5. Each deal will have their own time of day or redemption period such as breakfast deals can be redeemed during breakfast hours. Tap on your selected deal

6. Swipe up and tap ‘Terms & Conditions’ to find out more information in the deal’s terms and conditions

7. Once you have selected your deal. You may head to Mcdonald’s self-order kiosk to redeem your deal
8. In your Mcdonald’s app, repeat the necessary steps and tap on your selected deal
9. Tap on ‘Redeem’

10. For now, we will tap on ‘Scan in restaurant’

11. Look at your self-order kiosk and tap on ‘Scan or tap for Mcdonald’s Rewards and more’

12. In your Mcdonald’s app, tap ‘Confirm’

13. A QR code will appear on your phone. Look for the scanner below and scan the QR code. You may also type the alpha-numeric code in the kiosk to claim your deal
14. Once you have scan the QR code successfully, you may proceed to choose the options on the self-order machine
15. Once done, you may checkout to make payment

16. Your receipt will be printed along with a queue number. Proceed to the counter to wait for your queue number

17. Once your order is placed at the counter, check that the queue number matches with yours
18. You may now collect your order

Redeem your deal in-store instantly and stop missing out on the latest deals!

Video Tutorial

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