How to Apply/Renew Passport Online

As Singapore has reopened its borders after the Covid-19 situation, you can now explore and travel overseas with your friends and family. The simplest and efficient way for you to apply or renew your passport is through online! Follow these steps carefully to apply your passport online

Take note:
You may only apply for a passport online if:

– You are applying for a passport for the first time
– Your passport is lost or damaged
– Your passport has expired, or is expiring in nine months or less
– Your passport is running out of pages
– You will need a passport-sized and colour photograph that is taken within the last three months

Let’s Start!

1. Tap on LifeSG

2. Tap ‘Services’

3. Tap ‘Travel and passport’

4. Tap ‘Apply for passport’

5. Scroll down and tap ‘Apply for passport’

6. Login to your singpass by tapping on the barcode or fill in the details in ‘Password login’

7. After signing in, scroll down and tap on your name to apply

8. Tap on ‘Next’
9. Tap here and scroll down to select the options given

10. Scroll down and tap on the ‘+’ sign
11. Tap ‘Photo Library’ and choose an appropriate photo for your passport, ensure that you have followed the photo guidelines
12. Scroll down, your singpass will automatically fill in most of your personal informations in the form. Scroll down and fill in the rest of the details

13. Scroll down and ensure your information stated are correct before proceeding
14. Tap ‘Next’

15. Scroll down and tap the checkbox
16. Tap ‘Proceed to payment’ button

17. Tap ‘Proceed to payment’ button again to pay a total of S$70 fee

After you have completed your form online, it will take for about 6 weeks of processing time for Singaporeans and will be notified of the outcome by post or email

You have now submitted your online application form. You can now plan out your travel plans with your family and friends!

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Video Tutorial

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