How To Apply Video Filter on Zoom

Zoom offers a variety of fun filters that add effects to your face and virtual backgrounds in Zoom meetings. A simple tap will change your appearance. Follow the steps to make your add fun elements to your video meetings using custom filter, video filter and beauty filters

Take note: Ensure that your Zoom version is up-to-date and signed in. Sign up if you have not done so

This feature is only supported on the devices mention below:
– Android OS 8.0 or higher
– iPhone 8 or higher
– iPad 2017 or higher

Let’s Start!

1. Open Zoom app

2. Tap New Meeting

3. Start a Meeting

4. Tap Wifi or Cellular Data if appeared on screen

5. Tap more

6. Scroll down and tap ‘Backgrounds & Effects’

7. There are 3 features that you can use. Background, filters and avatars. Tap any virtual background effect to add in your background here
8. Tap + to upload your own photo from photo gallery as a background

9. Tap filters and scroll down to apply other features as well

10. Lastly, you can tap on ‘Avatars’ that can turn you into a virtual animal that can detect your facial and body movements during meetings

You can now try out face filters in Zoom calls with your family and friends!

Video Tutorial

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