How to Check M1 Mobile Data Usage

Do you have a monthly mobile data limit that you cannot exceed?
To make sure you are not using too much of your data plan, you can set your mobile data alerts to monitor your usage!

Please install M1 App before following this tutorial.
You may download from the following sources:

For Apple iPhone, please click below link for download.

For Android Phones, please click below link for download.

1. Tap on My M1 App. Select your mode of language: English/ Mandarin. Tap “I Agree” after scrolling through the Terms and Conditions. Tap “SAVE” once done.

2. Read through the Terms and Conditions and Tap “I Agree” after scrolling through.

3. Login with One-Time PIN for postpaid mobile customers.

a) Key in your mobile number
b) Tap on “Get OTP”
c) Check your SMS for OTP number.
Key in number in the blank provided.

d) Tap on “summit”

You may choose to enable Face ID login to authenticate using your face for My M1 app.

4. You can see from here the amount of data you have used.

5. Tap on “Local Data” to view more. Thereafter, tap to activate and subscribe to the “Data Usage Alert”. Tap “Confirm” to proceed with the subscription.

Note you will receive a confirmation SMS upon service activation.

6. You can also tap on “Talktime” to find our the amount of “call time” you have used.

You can also tap on “Messages” to find out the number of “messages” you have sent.

You may also view this video to learn How to check your M1 Mobile Data Usages 🙂

Video Tutorial

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