How to collect Rewards Points from your yuu App

yuu App allows you to collect reward points at supermarkets or shops in Singapore, including 7-eleven, Cold Storage (CS Fresh), Giant, Toast Box. Every dollar spend earns you one yuu point.

Let’s find out how you can easily earn rewards points from yuu App now.

1. Tap and open your yuu App when you purchase anything from one of their participating store.

2. Open your yuu App page

3. Tap on “My ID”

4. Open your ID QR Code

5. The Cashier will scan your code before checking out

6. Your rewards points will be add to the “Points Balance” at your yuu home page

7. How can we redeem our yuu Rewards Points? Come check out our next tutorial.

Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to Earn Rewards Points from your yuu App. ENJOY VIEWING!

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