How to Create Different Chat Sections in Telegram App (iPhone Version)

Does your Telegram chats have too many channels, bots and chat spams that you do not quite need them? Telegram has a feature called ‘Chat Folder’ that gives you the best and simplest way to find common friends or family that you chat with in one folder

Take note: This quick tip is for iPhone Phones. If you own an Android, please visit here instead

Let’s start!

1. Open Telegram application

2. Tap on the settings
3. Tap ‘Chat Folders’

4. Tap ‘Add Custom Folder’ to create a chat folder

5. Input your folder name
6. Tap ‘Add Chats’

7. Tap to select channels, group chats or private chats to be in your folder
8. Tap ‘Done’ once you are done

9. In ‘New Folder’ page, tap ‘create’ at the top right to see the folder created

10. In ‘Folders’ page, tap on ‘Edit’ at the top right
11. Tap and hold the 3 lines at the side of the folders and drag to position them in order
12. Tap done once you are done

13. Tap, hold and slide all the way to the left of the screen to delete the folder
14. Tap ‘Remove’ to delete the folder
15. Tap on ‘Back’ to return to Settings page

16. At the bottom of the screen, tap on ‘Chats’
You can see the folder names you have created at the top of screen
17. Tap on the folder that you have created

18. Tap on the folder name to see the chats you have grouped together
19. Tap and hold on the folder name to re-order, edit or remove your folder

Video Tutorial

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