How to Create Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

How To Create Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp

Does WhatsApp makes you use too much storage in your phone? Do you find it diffcult to delete chat messages and photos manually to save more space? well, the Disappearing messages feature in WhatsApp will help to clear out unnecessary messages that can save more of your time and space for your phone within 24 hours. This tutorial applies to both Android and iPhones

Take note: You will have to manually disable the disappearing messages to save wanted messages. Old messages will not be affected, new messages will disappear until the feature is manually disabled

Let’s start!

1. Open WhatsApp application

2. Tap on ‘Chats’
3. Tap your individual chat or groups

4. Tap again on the name or group name to view the Information page
5. Scroll down and tap on ‘Disappearing Messages’ to enable its feature

5. Choose the timer options to enable new messages to stay in the chat within its time range
6. To return back to the ‘Chats’ page, tap on the arrow twice at the top left

7. Tap your individual chat or groups that has enabled the ‘disappearing messages’ feature
8. The message will disappear within the selected time range

9. To disable, follow the steps and tap ‘Off’ to save wanted messages

Now you can easily remove chats and media storage without worries!

Video Tutorial

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