How To Cut Out Photo and Change Background in Meitu

It is fun to move yourself to a different place or adding yourself into a beautiful background.
Follow the guide below in Meitu App

Tap on Photo

1. Open Meitu App, tap on Photo

Tap on a picture

2. Look for a person Inside photo gallery, tap on the picture

Swipe to Left

3. Swipe to the Left, look for cutout button

Tap on Cutout

4. Tap on Cutout button, Meitu will automatically cut out any person in your photo and you will see them blinking in pink

Tap on Background

5. Tap on Background

Swipe up or down

6. Swipe up or down to select the Background Color, or

Tap on Pattern

7. Choose to Tap on Pattern

Swipe up or down

8. Swipe up or down to select a pattern

Tap on selected pattern

9. Tap on selected Pattern

Tap the Tick Icon

10. Tap the Tick Icon on the right

Tap and hold on the person

11. Tap and hold on the person to move around or

Pinch In and pinch out to adjust the size

12. Pinch in to reduce the size and pinch out to enlarge the size

Tap on the Tick Icon

13. Tap on the Tick Icon after adjusting your cut out

Tap on Save

14. Tap on Save to save the project

Tap on X

15. Tap on “X” to remove the advertisement

Tap on Home Icon

16. Tap on Home Icon, return to Meitu Home page. Close the Meitu App

Tap on your edited photo

17. You can find your edited photo in your photo gallery, open your phone gallery app, search and tap on your edited photo

Change in different background

18. You also can change to a different background. Do you want to know how ? Come and sign up our “Photo Editing” class.

Video Tutorial

8. View this video to learn on How to Cut Out Photo and Change Background in Meitu App. ENJOY VIEWING!

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