How to Input Emojis From Windows Laptop

Do you know that Windows has an emoji picker in your laptop? Follow these steps to guide you on how you can express yourself in chats with your friends!

Let’s Start!

1. From your laptop keyboard, tap and hold Windows logo key and tap fullstop. The emoji panel will appear in your screen

2. Scroll down to select the emojis. Tap on the tabs to see more. There a varieties different verions of emojis to try out

3. To stop the emoji panel from closing, go to the search bar below
4. Type in ‘Advanced Keyboard Settings’
5. Tap on ‘Advanced Keyboard Settings’. You can see an emoji panel at the bottom

6. Click the checkbox below here. This enables the emoji panel to stay in place without closing when selecting multiple emojis

You can now have a shortcut and easy access to your emojis. Try them out with your friends and family!

Video Tutorial

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