How to Make SkillsFuture Claims

Did you choose to make payment using SkillsFuture? Here are the step-by-step guide to submit your SkillsFuture claims!

Take note:
You will need an invoice from XIOHOO to proceed with the payment

1. In your WhatsApp, XIOHOO will send out the payment reminder. Every class that you sign up for, you will receive a reminder 1 week before the day of the class

2. Please read through to double check on the class topic, date and time

3. You are required to reply us your payment method. There are 3 different payment methods here (Cash, PayNow, SkillsFuture). If you would like to use SkillsFuture, please reply ‘SkillsFuture Claim’ as your payment method

4. Once you have replied, XIOHOO will send an invoice to make SkillsFuture claim
5. Upon receiving the invoice, tap on the PDF document to open

6. Use two fingers to zoom in and check the details
7. You can proceed to save the document or take a screenshot of the invoice from your phone
8. Once you saved the document or saved the photo in your gallery, you may continue the following steps below

9. Exit the WhatsApp and open your browser app

10. Tap on the URL bar
11. Type in ‘’ and type enter. This will take you to the SkillsFuture website to submit your SkillsFuture claims

12. Upon reaching the website, tap 3 lines at the top right
13. Tap ‘Login’

14. Tap ‘SingPass’ to login. This will redirect you to login to your SingPass. If you are using SingPass mobile you can tap on the QR code to login or you can tap on the ‘Use password login instead’ to login with your NRIC and SingPass password
15. Once you have successfully login to your SingPass, you will be redirected to the main page of myskillsfuture website

16. Tap on the 3 lines at the top right again
17. Tap ‘SkillsFuture Credit’. This will take you to the claim submission page

18. A pop up will appear on the screen. Tap ‘Yes’

19. Tap on the cross to remove the pop up rating here. You can see your total amount of claims available

20. Tap ‘submit a claim’ button

21. You can see there are two fields here for you to search for the course name and training provider
22. Swipe up and tap ‘Search by training provider’

23. Type in ‘XIOHOO’. You will see a dropdown menu with XIOHOO option. Tap on XIOHOO and wait for it to load
24. You can see there are many different courses that XIOHOO offers as you swipe up

25. Look for the relevant courses that you have sign up for. If you don’t find the course, tap on ‘Load more’ at the bottom then you will see more options appearing

26. In this video, I have sign up for ‘mobile videography’ class so we will tap on this option. Once you have located your relevant course, you may tap on the box. It will load and lead you to fill in the necessary details

27. To insert a class date, tap on the calendar icon here. The calendar dates will pop up to choose the date
28. If the keyboard is blocking you, tap on ‘done’ or down arrow

29. The course that I will attending is on 17 July, in this case I will tap on the 17 of July

30. Once done, swipe down and fill in the amount you will have to pay for. The fee payable will usually be $10 which means the same amount for claim. Double check that both fields are correct

31. Swipe up and you will see ‘Upload a document’. Here we will need to upload the invoice that is needed for the SkillsFuture claim. This will be the invoice that you have saved previously in your phone

32. Tap on the ‘tap to upload documents’. Here we have the options to upload from photo library or files. In this case, I have the screenshot image in my photo library
33. Tap on ‘photo library’. The image on the top left is the invoice

34. Ensure you have selected the image and Tap ‘Add’ at the top right

35. The invoice is added. How to know if it is uploaded? You can see that there is a file icon appeared at the bottom with a meter bar here to show the size of your phone
36. Swipe up and double check on all the details. You can check on the course title, course code, training provided which has to be XIOHOO in this case, course fees and the amount to claim

37. Lastly, tap to tick the checkbox on the agreement
38. Tap the button at the bottom to submit

39. Before the submission, there will be a notice so that you are clear on the rules
40. Swipe up and tap ‘Agree and submit’. It will redirect you back to the SkillsFuture credit page. You can now see that the total credit is reduced by 10 dollars

41. Swipe up to see the claim you have made at the bottom
42. Tap on ‘View more’ to see the full details of your claims. It is very important to come to this step

43. Take a screenshot. Ensure that we are able to see the course name, date and claim id
44. You do not need to be worried of the pending status whether it will be approved, you may send it to us first so that we will have a verified record for you to attend our class
45. Send the screenshot back to XIOHOO on WhatsApp to prove the payment you have made

46. Open WhatsApp to XIOHOO chat
47. Tap on the clip icon or plus button

48. Tap on the photo library to send the submitted claim photo to XIOHOO WhatsApp chat

Do take note that the claim id is very important. Please ensure that the screenshot comes with the course name, course date and claim id. You have now completed the SkillsFuture claims!

Video Tutorial

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