How To Subscribe To Your Favorite Channel in YouTube

Do you like some of the videos on Youtube from a particular channel?
By subscribing to the channel you will get the latest updates and notifications on new videos by them!
In this way, you will not miss the latest videos posted by your favorite channels.

Let’s learn how to subscribe on Youtube!

Firstly, install YouTube app from Play Store for Android user and Apps Store for iPhone user.

Open YouTube App sign up an account and follow these simple steps

Let’ start!

1. Tap on YouTube App

2. Tap on Skip Trial to access to free account

3. If signed in account, you may see your profile picture or an alphabet here.

4. Swipe up or down

5. Go to any of the video you like to watch in your YouTube Homepage

6. Tap on the video to watch

7. Tap on SUBSCRIBE to subscribe the channel

8. The channel you subscribe has subscribed and add to subscription

9. Tap back button to go back to homepage

10. Tap on Subscription to find your subscribed channel

11. Swipe up to search

12. Here is the channel you subscribed

13. You can also search the channel you have in mind. At your YouTube homepage

14. Tap on search icon

15. Type in XIOHOO at the empty space


17. Xiohoo Channel has subscribed and added to subscriptions

18. Swipe up to see all Xiohoo videos

19. Do you know you can save your favorite channel and create your own playlist?

20. Do you want to know how? Come sign up Xiohoo class on
e-entertainment to find out how!

Video Tutorial

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