How to Use Emoji Reactions on WhatsApp Messages

Do you know WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new reaction feature allowing you to respond to WhatsApp messages with emoji

Please make sure to download the latest version of your WhatsApp software.
Let’s start to learn how to use this emoji feature to react to messages

1. Tap on WhatsApp

2. Open a chat, tap and hold one of the message inside your massages

3. Six emoji reactions will pop up, select and tap on one of the displayed emoji

4. The selected emoji will be displayed below the message

5. Please take note that you can only add one reaction emoji per message.

6. To remove the selected emoji

7. Tap and hold back to the message

8. Tap on the selected emoji to remove

Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to use emoji reactions on WhatsApp messages. ENJOY VIEWING!

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