How to Use Price Kaki App to Compare Prices?

Price Kaki app allows you to make a price comparison on groceries, household items, and hawker food all in one app! You can get the latest updates when the price changes or earn rewards as well

Let’s Start!

1. Tap on Price Kaki app

2. There are 5 features below. Tap home to view the items for you to choose
3. Swipe left to view other items
4. Tap on the eggs to view different egg brands with different prices

5. You can filter and sort listings by price, distance and supermarket
6. Scroll down to see more egg products below
7. Tap on the egg product

8. You can see the product prices in different supermarket areas. Some supermakets sell at a cheaper price
9. Scroll down to view other similar products
10. Tap the arrow at the top left twice to return to home page

11. Tap on Hawker Food to view different food options that are available here, let’s check out the comparison!
12. Tap on Indian to see a variety range of food and drinks

13. Tap on curry fish head, there are different price from different shops as well
14. Tap the arrow twice at the top left to go back

15. Tap on the search bar, you can search any particular item

16. Type in ‘chicken rice’
17. Tap search, you will now see the other range of foods available

18. Tap on ‘nearby’ at the bottom of the screen to locate nearby supermarkets near you

19. Tap on the supermaket to locate the nearest market in your area

20. Tap ‘see all outlets’ to view the locations in singapore

Now you can save time and money when planning your grocery or food trip!

Video Tutorial

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