Sharing Data (Hotspot) on Android Phone

Hotspot can allow you to share the data on your mobile phone when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi network.

Let us start to learn how you can set up Hotspot in following this few simple steps.

1. Tap on Setting App

2. Tap on Connection & Sharing

3. Tap on Personal Hotspot

4. Here you find your Hotspot Name and Password under Personal Hotspot Setting

5. You can change your name and password by

6. Tapping on this arrow

7. To delete the existing password, tap the backspace key on your keyboard

8. Type in your new password

9. Tap on the tick icon at the top right corner after changing your new name or new password

10. Tap here to turn on the Personal Hotspot

11. Your Hotspot has turn on. Now you may share your Hotspot name and password to friends who need internet data connection.

12. Tap the Home icon to close Hotspot and return to Home Page

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Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to Share messages (Hotspot) on Android Phone ? ENJOY VIEWING!

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