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  1. Do you know about the new Yuu Royalty Programme that recently launched? It can help you save money and its easy to use. Install Yuu App now from Play Store for Android user and App Store for iPhone user enjoy following benefits and many more. Here are some of the promotions in the App: 1.… Continue reading Get Good Deals with Yuu App!

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  2. Lastly, when probed about the topic of active ageing, Mr Pang states that he doesn’t think too much about ageing or getting old as it is just part and parcel of life in which one would just age even “as you stand or sit”.

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  3. While different people have different definition of happiness, Mr Lee highlighted that he will be happy once he hit 80-90% of his goals as there are some things that can’t be controlled and perfect. While family is key to keep you going, having different daily targets keep you motivated to get through the day.

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  4. Through my various Chit Chat sessions with the seniors, it made me appreciate our colloquial lingo, Singlish more, and seek to pick up Chinese dialects that my grandparents’ generation used to converse in as well as found a sense of identity and connection to.

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  8. Mdm Wang Tong Lin was one of the few who very readily agreed to the interview and also shared her life stories fervently.

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  9. Imagine being surrounded by tall palm trees and greeted by hyper monkeys, chirpy cluttering chickens, ducks, geese and moaning goats that roamed the streets?

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