Video Editing on Meitu: Edit Tool and Video Sequence

Do you know how to use the other functions in Edit tool on Meitu? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this!

1. After you have select your videos/photos and tap “Start”, you will be at the main editor page.
2. There are many tools that you can use here.
3. Swipe right and you will see the “Edit” tool.
4. Tap “Edit”.
5. You will see new tools appear at the bottom.
6. Our videos/photos which were shown as squares, now become a long strip.
7. Sliding along the strip will take you to the different videos or photos.
8. Tap on the video you would like to edit.
9. Ensure you see a thick white border at the start/end of video clip.
10. Tap and hold the white border, and drag to the length you want.
11. Move the clip to see how the video looks like when played.
12. Go to the point where you want to split the video by making sure the “white line” is at that point.
13. Tap “Cut”.
14. The video is split into 2.
15. Tap the “Tick” icon here to confirm.
16. Tap and hold on one of the squares.
17. You will see the squares of your videos/photos.
18. Press and hold to reorder.
19. I tap and hold on square 2 and move to the end.
20. Tap on the “Tick” to confirm.
21. You can also tap on “X” to remove all edits.
22. Now, our video clips are in good order and are in sequence for further editing.

Video Tutorial

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