Video Editing on Meitu: Edit Tool Part 2

Do you know there are other useful features in Edit tool on Meitu? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this!

1. After you have select your videos/photos and tap “Start”, you will be at the main editor page.
2. There are many tools that you can use at this page.
3. Swipe right and you will see “Edit” as the first tool.
4. Tap “Edit”.
5. You will see many tools available at the bottom under “Edit”.
6. Swipe to the right and you will find 5 of the useful tools we will learn here.
7. We will be learning how to use the Freeze, Replace, Rotate, Mirror and Reverse functions.
8. Freeze: Tap on the clip you want to “Freeze”.
9. Move the clip to see how the video looks like when played.
10. Go to the point where you want to freeze by making sure the “white line” is at that point.
11. Tap “Freeze”.
12. An image clip will appear at the point of “Freeze” in your timeline.
13. Replace: Tap on the clip you want to replace.
14. Tap “Replace”.
15. Tap the video to replace in your gallery. If the video is longer than the current selected clip, you can crop it after replacing.
16. Adjust and view how you want to crop to replace the current clip.
17. Tap Tick to confirm.
18. The video/image has now been replaced and shown in your timeline.
19. Rotate: Tap on the clip you want to change its orientation.
20. Tap “Rotate”.
21. The rotation is in clockwise direction at 90 degrees each tap.
22. Mirror: Tap the clip to apply mirror effect.
23. Tap “Mirror”.
24. This is the original clip.
25. This is clip after Mirror effect is applied.
26. Reverse: Tap the clip to apply reverse effect.
27. Please note that when a video is reversed, the original audio will be removed.
28. Tap “Reverse”.
29. Reverse function is applied to our selected clip.
30. After all adjustments are done, tap on the “tick” to confirm.
31. If you are not satisfied with edits, you can also tap on “X” to remove all edits.
32. Now, we have successfully edit our video further by applying these functions to our video clips.

Video Tutorial

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