What Can You Do with Your yuu Rewards Points

With the Points that you earn from yuu,
you can redeem rewards or use it to offset your purchases.

Follow these few simple steps to find out what are the available rewards you can redeem

1. Tap on yuu App

2. Tap “See All” to see all Featured Rewards

3. Swipe up or down to see available range of foods and drinks to subscription plans

4. You can also tap on the button at the top right corner to switch it on to only see and find out what are the rewards you can redeem

5. for an example that you want to redeem “Mini Slurpee” at 7-Eleven

6. Tap on the “Mini Slurpee”

7. “Mini Slurpee” page open and you can use your 200 points to redeem this item.

8. Please remember to read the Terms & Conditions before you redeem

9 Final step is to tap on the “Redeem with 200 Points” to redeem

10. To view your Redeem Rewards

11. Tap on “Me” on your Home Page

12. Then tap on “My Rewards”

13. To view and redeem your rewards, tap on the reward.

14. Then tap on “Use Now” to reveal the Reward’s Code

15. To show the code to cashier during your redemption.

Video Tutorial

View this video to learn “What Can You Do with yuu Rewards Points”. ENJOY VIEWING!

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