What is the Mandarin term for E-Commerce?

This week, let’s look into the growing E-Commerce!!

The current pandemic situation has pushed businesses to go digital faster than ever before. 

More than 80 percent of the online population has used the Internet to purchase goods and services. An estimated 1.92 billion people worldwide purchased goods or services online in 2019 — about a quarter of the world’s total population.

Mobile shopping hit $2 billion for the first time on Cyber Monday in 2017.

Amazon was first launched in 1995 and is currently the most popular e-Commerce website in the United States.

Meanwhile, Shopee first launched in Singapore in February 2015 and is widely considered as the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia as of 2021.

Another popular international e-Commerce company, Lazada, was launched in Singapore in May 2014 and celebrated its 10th Birthday on March 27, which also means birthday sale day for consumers *WOOOHOO*!!!

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