What to eat around Bugis, good food recommended by XIOHOO

Bugis is one of the most vibrant and popular shopping
for locals and tourists in Singapore. It is also a destination with a wide range of yummy food! Many eateries within the area will fit your palate and budget. Read on for our recommendation on what you can eat in the bugis area.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice 一品排骨饭
Adrian recommends this Authentic Taiwanese Chicken and Pork Chop located at Beach Road.

Started by a former Taiwanese basketball player and his family in 1990s, Supreme Pork Chop Rice serves yummy Taiwanese-style pork chop rice.

The Taiwanese-style pork chop is really addictive. Every bite was crispy and the flavor was similar to the ones you will find in Shilin Night Market in Taipei.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice 一品排骨饭 opens from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 8pm daily.

Chwee Kueh 勿洛水粿
James recommends the Chwee Kueh at Albert Food Center if you like to have a light meal. Light and easy-to-digest, these white cakes and Chai Poh are freshly made daily. Watch this video to find out more.

Xin Yuan ji – 新源记鱼头炉
If you are craving for fish soup, head to Xin Yuan ji – 新源记鱼头炉. Their creamy fish soup is pleasantly flavourful with fresh, soft and silky fish! They also serve tze char dishes and charcoal fish head steamboat.

The shop has ample space with air-conditioning so you can look forward to a relaxed lunch here. However, avoid the lunch hour as this place is very popular with the working crowd in Bugis.

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles – Tekka Food Centre
This is another food highly recommended by Adrian. This prawn noodle stall is located at Tekka Food Centre, slightly outside of Bugis area. 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles is helmed by Ruifang, a third-generation hawker of her family.

This is a traditional prawn noodle. The soup is dark and rich, yet savoury, light and fresh, with a pleasant aroma of sweetness in prawn seafood. For the dry version, the prawn noodles are served with fried small pieces of lard and shallots. So yummy!

Watch their story here:

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