What You Can Store In Your Telegram Save Messages?

Do you know Telegram Saved Messages is one of unlimited cloud storage without taking up your phone storage space?

You can upload files, forward important messages, photos, videos to save them for future use.

Please take note that he individual files upload size is limited to 2GB and the files and messages saved are available as long as your Telegram account is active, even after you changed to new mobile phone.

Let’s start to learn how to store files in your telegram saved messages!

1. Tap on Telegram App

2. Tap on Search Icon

3. Type in Save Messages in this empty space

3a. Tap on Saved Messages to open the chat page

4. You are now at the “Saved Messages” chat page

5. Tap on arrow icon to return to homepage

6. Tap and open one of the chat

7. Select a video clip or an important message you want to save

8. Tap and hold on the video clip

9. or tap and hold on an important message

10. Then tap on Forward

11. Tap on Saved Messages to forward your video and message here to save

12. Your Video and message saved in Saved Messages

13. Do you know you can forward your photos and videos from your phone gallery to save in your Telegram Saved Messages?
Do you want to know how?
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Video Tutorial

View this video to learn What You Can Store In Your Telegram Saved Messages? ENJOY VIEWING!

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