Mobile Videography

mobile videography course
  • Total Time: 2.5hr to 3hrs
  • Course Fee:$50 ($10 for Seniors Singaporeans/PR age 50 & above, SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)
  • Language: English & Mandarin
  • Prerequisite: Bring your Smartphone. Participants are able to access to App/Play Store to install Apps, understand basic smartphone usage and possess basic smartphone / tablet skills

Smartphone cameras allow you to produce videos of good quality, enabling you to record videos of you and your family during your holidays. In this course, we aim to provide you with the various techniques of making a video and the opportunity to apply these techniques to record your own video

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Course Objectives

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to mobile videography and tips to take a nice video : set the focus
  • Able to create different types of videos
  • Able to create basic video editing such as filming patterns, styles or other video apps
  • How to gain access to your camera app efficiently
  • Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to have video skills to create memories with their family and friends. Participants will be able to take beautiful motion sceneries