Block Unknown Incoming Calls on Android Phones

Do you know that many unknown calls you often receive may be from scammers?

Scammers can use different phone numbers to call you from all over the world and the number you always receive beginning with the prefix “+” (example +65)

The best way to prevent and stop the unknown call is by call blocking.

Here are a few simple steps for you to learn how you can block unknown phone numbers on your Android Phone.

NOTE: This demo is shown using an OPPO Phone, steps are similar for other brand phones but may differ slightly.

1. Tap on the Phone App

2. Tap and hold on the unknown phone number

3. A menu will pop up. Tap on “Add to Blocklist”

4. Tap again on “Add to Blocklist”

5. The unknown number has been saved in the Blocklist.
You will not receive messages or call after adding it to the Blocklist

6. Do you know you can set Speed Dial on your android phone ?Speed Dial provides you an easy method by tapping a single-digit number to any specific contact numbers.

Do you want to know how?

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Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to Block Unknown Incoming Calls on Your Android Phone. ENJOY VIEWING!

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