Create Fun Animations (GIFs) using Google Photos!

Animated (GIFs) is a graphic image that can move, just like a flipbook that can loop endlessly and they come with no sound and audio.

You can create Fun Animation (GIFs) using your Google Photo App. This feature only works for photos but not for videos.

Open your Google App and let us start creating
your own Animation (GIFs)!

1. Tap on Google photo App

2. Tap on Library

3. Tap on Utilities

4. Swipe up

5. Tap on Animation

6. Open your phone Photo Gallery page

7. Tap on the empty small circle to select your photo

8. You can select 2 to 50 photos

9. Tap on Create icon on top right corner after you have select all photos to create your Animation GIF

10. Your Animation GIF created

11. To delete your Animation GIF, tap on the Delete icon at the bottom right corner. If not you may skip to step 12.

12 Tap the Arrow Icon at the top left corner

13. To go back to your Utilities page

14. To find your created Animation GIF, tap on the arrow icon at the top left corner

15. Tap on Photo Icon

16. At the Photo page, look for the star on the image

17. Tap and open the image to watch

18. Do you know you also can create Collage and Movie on Google Photo?
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Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to Create Animations (GIFs) using Google Photo App. ENJOY VIEWING!

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