How to send messages (Chat) in Zoom Meeting

Do you know the chat feature in Zoom allows you to send instant messages to all participants or a private message to individual participant within a meeting?

If you are not able to chat during a meeting, that is because the host may have disabled all the chat functions.

Let’s start to learn how you can send messages to everyone or anyone individually through your mobile phone.

1. In a Zoom Meeting, tap on the 3 dots More icon

2. A menu pop up and tap on Chat

3. to open a Chat page

4. Tap on the name below

5. Open participants name list

6. Select and tap on the participant name you want to chat with

7. Tap here for keyboard to pop up, then type in your messages in this empty space

8. Tap here to send out the message

9. Tap Close on the top left corner to return to main page

10. To send chat messages to Everyone

11. Tap on the name

12. Tap on Everyone

13. Type in your message here

14. Tap here to send your message to Everyone

15. Please take note that always check here who you will be sending to before sending out your messages.

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Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to send messages (Chat) in Zoom Meeting ? ENJOY VIEWING!

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