Pay Less When Ordering From Grab App Now

Do you know that you can apply offers in Grab App and pay less? Let’s learn how to locate the offers and use them. We will guide you step-by-step on how to achieve this!

Take Note:

  • Install Grab App in App Store(iPhone) or Play Store(Android).
  • Login or Sign up if you are a new user.
1. Locate and tap Grab App.
2. Tap on “Offers”.
3. Scroll down to view more offers from various shops.
4. Tap “Use Now”.
5. Tap here.
6. Select “Deliver Now” option.
7. To order, tap on the menu.
8. Tap “Add to Basket” once you are done.
9. Once you have add all your orders, tap “Basket”.
10. Check the store and your address is correct.
11. Select your delivery options.
12. Check all your orders are correct.
13. Tap “Use Offers to get Discounts”.
14. Tap on the “+” icon.
15. Tap “Apply”.
16. Select your payment method.
17. We save $7.90 when applying the offers & discounts.
18. Tap here to Place your Order.
19. We have successfully ordered and this is the estimated time our order will be delivered.

Video Tutorial

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