Get Discounts With Vouchers From Online Shops (Shopee)

Wonder how to get vouchers on Shopee? There are 3 main types of vouchers you can collect. Shopee discount vouchers, free Shipping vouchers and the shop’s or product vouchers. You can claim and use these vouchers for better deals from your purchases. Don’t miss out on good deals from Shopee!

1. Open Shopee app

2. From Shopee homepage, you can tap ‘Daily Vouchers’ on the vouchers to claim here

3. Scroll down to view each voucher categories that can be use such as supermarket cashback vouchers, bank vouchers, free shipping vouchers and more

4. Tap ‘claim’ to collect the vouchers that suits your shopping needs for usage later
5. Tap on the arrow at the top left to return to page

6. Tap ‘Me’ at the bottom right
7. Tap ‘My Vouchers’

8. Scroll down and tap ‘use’ to select the vouchers. This will show you what are the available products that can be use on this voucher

9. Tap on the arrow twice at the top left to return to page

10. To use the voucher, tap on the home page at the bottom left
11. Scroll down or use the search bar to select a product you want to purchase
12. After selecting, tap on the product. You are able to see ‘Shop Vouchers’ here

13. Tap ‘Shop Vouchers’

14. Tap ‘claim’ to collect discounted voucher. Ensure that you have read the vouchers policy of minimum spend
15. Tap ‘Close’

16. Tap ‘Add to Cart’

17. Tap ‘Add to Cart’ again and proceed to follow instructions
18. Tap on the shopping cart icon at the top right

19. Select the product you wish to check out
20. Tap on the arrow at the bottom to open the discount details of your product
21. Lastly, tap ‘Check out’ and proceed to make payment. You can use your voucher codes by applying the voucher at checkout

Collect your vouchers now and don’t miss out on good deals!

Video Tutorial

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