How to Save Your Email Messages as Starred (Favorite)

Favorites feature is a folder allowed you to keep your frequently use messages or files for quick access.

Install Gmail App in your App Store for iPhone user, and search Gmail App in Google App folder for Android phone user.

Let us start to learn how you can save your email messages as Starred (favorites).

1. Tap on Gmail App

2. Open your Gmail Page

3. Look for the email message you want to save as Starred (Favorites)

4. Tap on the Star

5. The star turn blue after you have selected and you have now saved your email messages in Starred (Favorites)

6. To find the message you have saved as Starred (Favorites)

7. Scroll to the top

8. Search the 3 lines at the top left corner

9. Tap on the 3 lines

10. A menu pop up

11. Swipe up

12 Tap on the Starred under All labels

13. Here you will find the email message you have saved in Starred (Favorites) page.
If the message is no longer required or important, you can “unstar” by tapping on the star one more time.

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Video Tutorial

View this video to learn How to Save Your Email Messages as Starred (Favorite). ENJOY VIEWING!

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